There are many definations of branding but in simple words what I think,  is to create a perception in the mind of the consumers that there is no other product in the market like your product.

Successful branding programs stand on one thing i.e. SINGULARITY. 

Only one thing is required to built a successful brand i.e. Narrowing the FOCUS

Here are few of my favorite brands & why they rock in today's world: 

One of the best brand which stood for one thing, i.e. CHANGE, he is none other then:

Mr. Barack. H. Obama

First African American President 


First to enter the category called: 

Sportlifestyle Brand

Stands for one thing - Timeless Luxutry Watches

First to enter in the category called: 

Shoes for serious athletes

First to enter in the category called: 

Stands for The Real Cola

First to enter the category called: 

Timeless luxury watches  

First to become Fried Chicken brand 

First to become pizza delivery experts (30 mintues)

My personal views on these brands: 

Rather coming out with different brands in the same category its better to come out with a new category & be a leader in that particular category. 

A brand has to stand for one thing in the mind of consumers & it should not loose its focus to see short term profits.

It is also necessary to promote the category in which you have taken space rather promoting your brand. Consumers will always remember you in the space you are already a clear leader. 

These are completely my views it can differ from individual to individual.